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Thông tin công ty:

Số nhân viên : 200~250
Doanh thu hàng năm : 2500000-3000000
Năm thành lập : 2006
Xuất khẩu p.c : 70% - 80%

BEST COSMETIC PACKAGE Co., LIMITED, founded in 2006, now becomes one of the most professional manufacturers and traders for the cosmetic packaging such as:


Perfume crimp pump, Aluminum collar, Fine mist sprayer, Pharmaceutical sprayer, Lotion pump, Treatment pump, Foam pump, Essential oil bottle, Plastic bottle, Disc top cap, Droppers and pipettes, Plastic caps, Lip balm container, Perfume atomizer, syrup dispenser pump, etc.


Our Team has more than 15 years’ experiences in production, sales and managements of cosmetic packaging.


Depending on our advanced technology, excellent management, we always provide our customers high-quality service for their need.


Our R&D department provides also the help for the design of molding for the customized products, then our engineers will develop the mold according to the customers’ request.


We offer also printing service for our customers like silkscreen printing, hot-stamping printing, UV printing, color coating, etc.


We cover almost all cosmetic packaging related business, offer one-stop service.

It largely helps our customers to reduce their risk of purchasing, to assure 100% the items they purchased could be well used.


With the time goes on, we also provide our customers the liquid filling service in a low price. Through our cooperation, our customers will be more and more competitive in the cosmetic industry.